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        Having me, the world is wonderful
        Chongqing Ryan, on the basis of the former Chongqing Yi Lun Chemical Paint Co., Ltd. has invested 30 millionyuan to build a new paint enterprise. The company, founded in 2010 in the Industrial Park in Jiangjin Degan, paint production,research and development,sales.annual design capacity is 20,000 tons. The Main products of the company other than waterborne coating、electrophoretic paint、 the originalproduction of anti-corrosion, marine, automotive, mechanical and electrical products coatings, will also focus on research and development production of household appliances, mobile phones, laptops, high-end paints such as UV light curing coatings.The Company will continue adhering to "respect, tolerance, harmony, self-discipline, rigorous, innovation". We are willing to take the opportunity of establishment of Ryan, relying on the paint research institutions and universities, to cultivate our own technical and management personnel, to provide users with more quality products and services.

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