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      1. 董事長寄語







        Words sent by Chairman:

             Facing the hardship, tortuousness which were experienced during the time from we were "Yi Lun" to we are "Ryan", as well as some attained achievements, we are just holding our gratefulness, for our staff who have taken struggles and gone through the hardship and tortuousness together like brotherhood or sisterhood; we are grateful to all clients who have given us opportunities for existence and development, and grateful to friends who have helped us in our growing process...

             We stick to Chinese traditional culture as our soul, Mr. Kazuo Inamori's Business Philosophy as our theory, the world-advanced Lean Management as our means, an enterprise of felicity as our standard, by humanistic concern and education, 6S Management and so forth, to enhance enterprise innovation and service capability, and go to great lengths to provide qualified products at the lowest cost for clients as well.

            Because only by knowing gratefulness, holding reverence for the universe, caring common people and devoting to bringing about interest and value for others, can we have an opportunity to realize our self-value.

        Denglun Wang

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